About us

About us


Huy Hoang Global Food Co., Ltd, and its Singaporean affiliate, Huy Hoang Food Supplies Pte. Ltd, are highly regarded in both the local and global food distribution markets under the brand name HUY HOANG. We are proud to be established in 2018 and have gone through a journey of more than five years of continuous development and achieved many certain achievements in this field.

Quality is the criterion that we always put first at HUY HOANG. We are committed to providing sustainable and reputable products, strictly complying with quality standards and always listening to customer feedback to improve and provide the best and most suitable products and services.

We provide a variety of products and services in the field of domestic and foreign food distribution, including:

  1. Frozen seafood products (pangasius, shrimp, cephalopod, farmed fish, marine fish, value-added product)
  2. Frozen meat (port, beef, chicken)
  3. Frozen agricultural products (fruit, vegetable)
  4. Dried products (squid, fish, shrimp, rice, fruits, etc)
  5. Ingredients (pepper, cashew nuts, chili, etc)


HUY HOANG is proud to have a professional, enthusiastic and experienced team. We always put people first and ensure that our working environment is a place where talent can develop and advance.


Vision is to be recognized as a leader in the global food industry, providing high-quality and healthy food products to customers around the world.


Mission is to provide customers with premium-quality food products that promote health and well-being, strivie to build long-term relationships with the customers and suppliers. Through dedication, hard work, and innovation, we aim to achieve our mission while delivering maximum value to our customers and stakeholders.


Contact us via the following information:

HUY HOANG GLOBAL FOOD CO., LTD | 85 Hoang Sa, Da Kao Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam

HUY HOANG FOOD SUPPLIES PTE. LTD | 11 Beach Road, #03-01 Crasco Building, Singapore (189675)

Telephone: (+84)28 6686 6865 – Hotline: (+84)91 945 3295

Email: nguyen@huyhoangseafood.com.vn

Website: www.huyhoangseafood.com.vn