About Us

Huy Hoang Global Food Co., Ltd, based in Ho Chi Minh City, is an enterprise specializing in the distribution and export of frozen foods such as seafood, frozen meat and vegetables ..., dried food, canned food, ...


With a variety of raw materials combined with a modern production line full of international certifications such as HACCP, ASC, MSC, IFS, BRC, HALAL, ISO, ... our company is committed to bringing the products have high quality, guaranteed delivery schedule, reasonable price along with absolute customer satisfaction.


The main products of Huy Hoang are Frozen Foods: shrimp, pangasius, pelagic fish, tuna, cephalopods, value-added food, etc...


Huy Hoang's customers are seafood importers, wholesalers, retailers, ... we always diversify products with appropriate packaging design so that customers can be assured of many choices.


In order to make Vietnam become a leading country in exporting clean and safe food to global consumers which is HGF's mission, based on our strong agricultural production strength of Vietnam, the diverse food needs of the nations and our professional and dedicated management team.


Our maxim: 3R2U (Right product - Right service - Right partner)

·      Right product: supplying product right on specification, quantity, quality and shipment schedule committed on

·      Right service: well controlling product quality independently, solving order on time with professional services (storages, logistics, mistakes…)

·      Right partner: your satisfaction is our responsibility.